Best Speakers Brands for Home Theaters


Setting up the perfect home theater system can be a difficult and costly process if you aren’t sure what you are looking for. Finding just the right matching speakers that complement one another will be one of the bigger challenges especially to your wallet.

Getting the right TV, Blue Ray player and AV receiver will all of course be major parts of setting up the home theater, but since these are all separate devices and most work fine together it will not be as difficult as finding the speakers that match. Using speakers that do not match, on the other hand, may just end up costing you a lot of the experience you paid so much money to get.

This is why it will be the best option to purchase a full set of matching speakers from a well-known manufacturer which will result in best possible sound output and no conflicts. These all in one setups will include bookshelf speakers, floorstanding speakers, central speaker, surround sound speakers and the subwoofer, to give you a complete experience without having to do anything yourself but plug them in.

Best Brands

Vizio Sound Systems, while on the more expensive side of the spectrum, provide some of the best overall sound experiences possible. Vizio’s S4251w-B4 for instance is one of the finest designed and most powerful surround systems available on the market. The slightly higher price of these products can certainly be justified by the quality in both design and sound.

Pioneer Speakers are some of the best speakers in the industry. The Pioneer SP-PK52FS for instance is one of the most powerful surround sound systems available on the market. The system includes powerful speakers and subwoofers that turn your living room into a proper cinema. For the price they cost, Pioneer speakers are likely the best mix of value and quality available.

Fluance Speakers can be a great choice if you are looking to furnish a smaller room and turn it into a home theater. These speaker’s greatest upside is their cost and while they are not as powerful as some other brands, if you are using a small room for your home theater they will do the trick just fine.

Setting Up

Once you have purchased an all in one set of sound speakers for your home theater you will need to set them up. Most of these systems will come with various speakers and it will be crucial to set them up in a way that they cover the entire room and distribute the sound evenly.

Since many of these systems will have 5 channels available you will need to properly attach all the cables but also distribute the speakers to right spots and distances of one another. Each system will come with a map of how the speakers ought to be set up and it is best to comply with these instructions to receive the best experience.

We hope our little guide will help you pick the best speakers for your home theater and get the perfect surround sound that you deserve.

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