Worst Speaker Brands


Used to you could buy a rock in a box with a speaker logo on the outside to get ripped off. These days the ways to find the worst speaker brands has advanced. First and foremost let’s take a look at the web’s worst speaker brands and warn you where you are likely to find them. Buyer beware. If you find your brand or favorite brand here don’t put the blame here customer reviews have spoken. Before we start there isn’t only bad news on this article.

Back in the days before the internet someone would pull up or have you look in a plain white van at a load of speakers. Like the snake oil sales folks of old you’d hear every word you needed to hear to get your attention then “bam” the sale is made.

Only in snake oil sales the trick was to put a little alcohol in the mix. Along with what else other than the alcohol to cover the taste and even add color. The way it worked was for whatever ails you! In a way that you were brought to the front asked to point out what hurts and then asked to try a sample. Often times these where the good townspeople who never tried whiskey. After a shot of the “good stuff” of course the shoulder or back would feel better. As a matter of fact, everything would.

In today’s world we are dealing with high end audio via any means that can get to your phone. From Amazon.com stores to private e-commerce websites to Craigslist.com you can run the risk. But only from actually buying the wrong products which we will cover on this list. Everyone wants to save a dollar at some point but there are times to do it and times not to.

You get what you pay for is not always true either. You get what you researched then pay for is more true. You won’t have to worry about ordering one thing then getting another as that is not what is going around. What you will need to watch for is catchy graphics, dramatic core sales stories, and sometimes similar look of product design sometimes opposite. The way to protect yourself is to focus on name only.

The good news is for about the same amount as these new or a little more you can find a killer deal on second-hand or used speakers of better brand quality on these same sites? What you have to ask yourself is this, do you want to spend a couple hundred bucks twice? Or maybe three hundred once. Not quoting a price point, just making a point. Here is the list to avoid:

– Pro Dynamics
– Matrix
– Kirsch
– Theater Innovations
– Omni Audio
– Dynalab
– Hauffman
– Elite Audio
– Digital Pro Audio
– Audiofile
– AST (Advanced Sound Technologies)
– Dahlton
– Acoustic Lab Technology
– DiVinci
– Proline Sound
– Denmark
– Theatre (Also called Theater) Research
– Paradyme
– Digital Dogg Audio

This is not a complete list but it is a good start. There is no way to rank them as who keeps them long enough to review them? The fact that they are on the list is enough to put them in last place. Who takes the time to repeatedly warn you from buying a brand? And the same brand at that over and over? Good thing you found this list.

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